Friday, 20 January 2012

Humpty Dumpty

Almost finished painting Dumpty, I always leave the eyes to the last second, I think it really gives them a personality and soul and is always fun to see them awaken when I paint them in.

He is missing the top of his head in these pictures, Will post more once I am done with the box.

Fands and Heet

So I figured I would write a bit more about Dumptys process, I decided to Make the shoes like them old Clown boots, the ones with the giant toe cap you know? I knew they had to be pretty small, but they were a lot more fun to make than I expected.

(Insert Circus music here)

When it came to the hands I knew I wanted them to be fat and used Baby hands as inspiration. Surprise surprise, they burnt, again! I think my oven is a little temperamental when baking this clay....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Father of someone rather Dumpty

I have been drawing little portraits in an old fashioned style, one of which will be used in the model of Humpty, I think im going with the top one..... we will see.


just thought I would post up some Sketchbook doodles, the top drawing of the old man was going to be used for the Humpty Dumpty model I am currently working on and was drawn using nothing but dots, it took forever and I don't think i'll ever be doing that again!