Monday, 29 August 2011

Boots and tick Tocks...

Little update on the rabbit marionette i'm making, i managed to squeeze in enough time yesterday to make and paint his boots! i used plastic coated wire for a base this time and didn't think about that fact as i placed them into the oven, oops. :p

Here are some pictures of a clock i just got through the post to!! i like it, and is just the right size, more to come on what this is for. :p

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hello again!! Drawing hands can be a pain in the back side, and sculpting them, in my opinion is even worse, when making models and puppets in the past if there was one place I felt really let the whole model down it was these damn things!

I ended up sculpting 3 in total as scale was an issue and I needed to make them bigger, below are some pictures of the hands before and after the baking stage.

As you can see in this picture, I burnt the fingers while cooking them :/ oh dear, in my experience Super Sculpey has a tendency to burn when you least expect it, and it can happen in a few mere seconds. When painted they should be fine and you won't even know but i have found in tests that any longer in the oven and this burning turns to hideous blisters that ruin your models!! I now stand gaurd over the oven while things bake :p

Rabbit heads :o

The head was sculpted from a Clay called super sculpey, it's great stuff as it cooks in the oven to a plastic, almost toy like finish, I played around for a while with the shape, but in the end went for an almost humanoid look.

After cooking the rabbit for 15 minutes I proceeded with the painting, this is always a lot of fun because you are painting the colours and not worrying so much about form and shadow etc, I find this is one of the most enjoyable parts of making anything. Since this photo was taken I have added eyes, he looks 100% less zombie now!

Rabbits and notes

Hmmm, So i have been rather busy but i thought i would post some personal work!

I have been wanting to try and make another puppet and figured i would note down some character ideas, this is where these rabbits come in! i kind of like them and figure one of these creatures would make an interesting marionette... Bring on the sculpey!