Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hello again!! Drawing hands can be a pain in the back side, and sculpting them, in my opinion is even worse, when making models and puppets in the past if there was one place I felt really let the whole model down it was these damn things!

I ended up sculpting 3 in total as scale was an issue and I needed to make them bigger, below are some pictures of the hands before and after the baking stage.

As you can see in this picture, I burnt the fingers while cooking them :/ oh dear, in my experience Super Sculpey has a tendency to burn when you least expect it, and it can happen in a few mere seconds. When painted they should be fine and you won't even know but i have found in tests that any longer in the oven and this burning turns to hideous blisters that ruin your models!! I now stand gaurd over the oven while things bake :p


  1. I see severed hands and a rabbit head on a stick. Good work Mark! The hand on the left though is burned as well I assume? Either way the texture it left is actually better than the plain sculpey.

  2. Amazing work! A tip on baking--use a really low setting over a period oof a few hours. The Super Sculpey may still turn a dark colour, but it will bake from inside out, and be very durable.

    If you ever consider molding and casting your parts, it is not as difficult as you may think.