Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Death of Humpty

I have started work on another puppet, this time inspired by the 1803 nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. I won't go into what i plan on doing yet as it will be a surprise!! but I thought i would share some early clay sketches/sculpts with you.

Beginning with a rough egg shape I began forming his face, I didn't want to place to much emphasis on his eggy-ness, and instead am far more interested in the idea of a short 'Humpty' man, although he should still retain some of that hard boiled charm.

At this stage i really started to hate his face, i felt the mouth was to big (even though that was initially intended) and i wanted his cheeks to sag more, shortly after, Humpty Dumpty got punched in the face and I attempted to remold his deformed face to something more like what I have in my head!

Being happier with the expression on this attempt I decided to start adding details and refining the sculpt.

He has since come a lot further and i will try and upload pictures at the end of each day or every other day so you can track his progress!! P.S I think my desk needs a good clean!!

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