Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Home for a Humpty

Hi everyone! So, to get back on track with my blogging I thought I would post pictures of the box I made for Humpty Dumpty, the idea being to find an antique box and decorate it (much like the Music box you can see earlier in this blog).

So, the first thing was to cut a big hole right in the middle and as much as I hated doing this to a beautiful mahogany box, it had to be done! as poor Humpty needed a home... at this stage I start to add drawn typography to the wood ready for painting at a later stage.

Here is an example of the hand painted lettering on the box, I do love old typography and this gave me a chance to try out some new things.

If you remember the little portraits I was doing from an earlier post, you can see here how one of them has been put to use, the little frame is hand made to, I love trying to make the entire object from hand, or at least as much as I can.

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