Thursday, 5 July 2012


I set about making paws for Cheshire cat, and added a pivot point to the wrist area, hoping this would allow for some flex later on, I later realized they didn't need to have any detail at all since they would be covered by fur...   

Next I made a little nose for him, this would probably be applied at a very late stage.

I choose a light fur, I did consider covering him in a material for a while but was really going for that 'old worn teddy you left in the attic for 50 years' look. I was hoping the The light fur would enable easier dyeing than A darker one.

You can see here, i'm beginning to work out how the anatomy will look, the white fabric behaves much like an undercoat when painting, giving me an overall picture of how things might look when complete.

Chicken Drumstick anyone? 

After attaching the legs I began adding fur to the body! 

After finishing the Cat I began work on the rods, a slightly more complex set up than usual. His legs will be on a separate rod from his head and body.

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