Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cheshire Cat Marionette

In this case the head of the marionette will be a mixture of materials, however the base will be Papier-mâché, to keep weight down since the final puppet will be layered in fur, I have enjoyed it also, many original Marionettes from the 19th century were made this way, resulting in even more excitement

The eyes and teeth have now been placed.


  1. Hello Mark James Porter :) Your artwork is simply AMAZING! Looking forward to see how this weird and wonderful little Cheshire kitten will turn out! Have a nice day~~ Lotte

  2. Latest puppet is looking fab Mark. I wish I could spend a weekend with you just watching how you make this wonderful creations. I would love to learn the same skills and one day be able to make my own. You are truly inspirational to me.

  3. Thank you Lotte! and thank you Marian! Always means so much to hear people so they enjoy the work:)