Saturday, 24 March 2012

Grinning like a Cheshire Cat

Hello, I thought I would post up some pictures of a marionette I am currently working on, but before I do that, Here is a pencil drawing I did a while back and also the inspiration for the piece.

I wanted to stay with the Alice in Wonderland theme and after making the White Rabbit and Humpty Dumpty (I will put Pictures of the Finished Humpty Model up soon!) I decided that the Cheshire cat could make for an interesting project. I really liked the drawing for one reason, The sheer size of the Cheshire Cats grin was totally ridiculous, and so I set about making him come to life.

So I began making a template on paper based on the drawing. For this model I didn't want to paint the eyes, feeling his eyes should be a stand out feature of the puppet I went for these glass Lynx eyes, combined with some acrylic Human teeth.

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